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Innovative Swing headshell

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We inserted a joint into the existing headshell in order to make its head swing. Due to its soft swing of the head, the tracking ability of stylus is outstanding, and the vibration that originally emerged in the headshell becomes disappeared, which then leads to the extinction of the arm’s resonance. Also, because of its outstanding tracking ability, the distortions hardly appear in the inner groove of the record which was unavoidable in existing headshells, and the stylus also receives less stress. The sound is natural, high resolution, firm bass, and low vinyl noise show the exceptional aspects of our Swing Headshell.  http://www.highendcity.com/swing-headshell-catalog/

The excellence of the Swing headshell: 

- Improves tracking ability 

- Minimizes arm resonance 

- Reduces stylus stress 

Manufacturer: Nasotec, Korea 

Price: USD 360 ~ USD 390 

For more detail: www.highendcity.com